Parents who wish to enroll their children must complete an Enrollment and Consent Form. Children need only enroll once each year for vacation care periods. The program does not always operate for entire vacation periods, particularly at Christmas time, and parents should check the days on which care will be available.
It is the responsibility of parents to sign their children in and out upon arrival and departure from the centre. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT and must be conformed to. Parents must alert the centre with notice of when a child is absent as this needs to be logged on our system.

   Enrollments fill up fast once the program is released. It cannot be assumed that immediate enrollment, particularly for occasional care, will always be available. Children are not permitted to leave the Center’s boundaries until they are collected by an authorized person or written permission by a parent or guardian is given to staff.


Enrolment Forms

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What the Parents says...
My kids look forward to school holidays because I enrol them into the Child Focused program. They always make new friends as well as go on exciting excursions and always have stories to tell us when they get home. Thank you ladies!
Amanda, Auburn
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